Meeting Jetsurf and the MSWC Team jetsurfingnation

Massive Migration & Continuous Evolution

Loads of fun and drama, as well as a lot of information released in this interview of the Jetsurf and MSWC team … Evolution of the Motosurf Worldcup, points of focus for Jetsurf, future plans for the leading brand and more to come in this video.   

Today we are at the beach in Barcelona to meet with Martin Jančálek in charge of the PR at Jetsurf and Honza Jan Zeman, Director of the Motosurf Worldcup.

We broached the future of the MSWC (MotoSurf WorldCup), in particular regarding the rules and regulations evolution. We also discussed the potential development of Jetsurf with the brilliant project of creating an hybrid jetboard.

And to beautifully conclude our meeting on the beach, nothing better than a good test ride. We all got into the clear water of the mediterranean sea to enjoy the perfect conditions of the day, until we realized the area was infested with huge migrating jellyfishes. Mike who was using the wrong straps position happened to get some water in the engine. This led him to get stuck in the heart of the migrating jelly cloud. After an intense rescue, it took no more than two minutes to fix the issue once he got back to the beach.