Performance-oriented board for everyday riders

The JETSURF Race comes with the brand new DFI technology engine and a catalyst unit in the exhaust system conforming to the latest EU legislation for getting CE certification granted.

Fast turning, low emission impact, and easy maintenance; the new JETSURF RACE DFI is one to have!

Why is RACE DFI perfect for you?

  • For both Beginners and Intermediate Riders
  • RACE DFI comes with a brand-new shape of the hull, which makes the riding much more fun and more agile. → it won’t get boring after one season.
  • It’s a family board → you can swap the pads from goofy to regular.
  • You will grow into it! → you don’t need to buy a new board after one season.
  • It provides a similar riding experience like Titanium DFI, but it’s more for everyday use.
  • It comes with full Warranty
  • Race board bag is coming with wheels – NEW!
  • JETSURF TUBE can be strapped to RACE DFI board.