Felix Baumgartner loves to fly and his new toy is a motosurf! He recently started riding Waterwolf and loves it as you can see on his facebook page.

Felix uses the Waterwolf MPX-3 and and as he says:

“If there are no wind & no waves the only solution is an electric surfboard. Make your own wave.”

For the people who don’t yet know Felix Baugmarter:

  • Felix Baumgartner (born 20 April 1969) is an Austrian skydiver, daredevil and BASE jumper.
  • He set world records for skydiving from an estimated 39 km (24 mi), reaching an estimated speed of 1,357.64 km/h (843.6 mph), and became the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power relative to the surface on his descent. He broke skydiving records for exit altitude, vertical freefall distance without drogue and vertical speed without drogue.

More about Redbull Stratos.

Baumgartner is also renowned for the particularly dangerous nature of the stunts he has performed during his career. Baumgartner spent time in the Austrian military where he practiced parachute jumping, including training to land on small target zones.

Once you’ve jumped from the edge of the space (http://win.gs/FreefallFromSpace), the bar is set pretty high for future thrill seeking projects. Since leaping from stratosphere, Felix Baumgartner has been exploring his passion for flying helicopters, and it was these skills he showcased in Poland during the recent Red Bull Heli Drifting performance.

This guy really pushes the limits and we hope he will do the same with motosurfing!

More about Felix Baumgartner: