WaveShark Jetboard

Solid Reliability

As the only player with integrated manufacturing capabilities in the market, WaveShark Jetboard was brought to you with the highest level of product safety and lowest level of maintenance requirement. Combination of high strength carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum guarantees high anticorrosion ability. The water cooling system keeps the motor at an optimal temperature.

Extended Fun Time

WaveShark Jetboards are equipped with a lithium battery that hosts 3.6kWh of capacity which easily pushes the cruising time to 45 minutes during normal use on a full charge.


Battery Capacity

45 Minutes*

Extended Fun Time

Dual-Protection Battery Safety System – “Dual-Safe”

GPS Positioning and Low Battery Reminder

Thanks to embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor, WaveShark Jetboard keeps tracking your board, calculates remaining battery level based on speed and route dynamically, marks point of safe return and informs the rider via controller vibrations.

Convenient Modularity

You are witnessing the most sophisticated and user-friendly modular design in the electric surfboard world. Hull, battery, ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), motor and jet can all be installed and dismantled easily. This not only provides for easy transportation but also simplifies maintenance for consumers and rental centers thanks to the modular system.