Jana is a country girl living outside of Brno. We know her since the beginning of the MotosurfGP and her contagious smile is always a threat during the motosurfing events!

Jana, can you introduce yourself?

Hi everyone,
I am Jana Vaňková and I live in a small village near Brno in the Czech republic. I’m nutrition therapist and I have my own practice . I love to help people with their health problems and the best reward is a smile from their faces. My interests are dancing (I have been dancing for 12 years in a dance group called Mighty Shake – it is my second familly), my family, the best boyfriend, friends, my old and lazy but amazing dog, walking and music.

When did you discover motosurfing?

I discovered motosurfing 3 years ago, when I was invited to the first Motosurf world championship as an hostess.
I tried it and it was amazing, wind in my hair, freedom, but also my first bruises and ½ a liter of lake water in my stomach too.

How is motosurfing different from other sports?

This sport is for people who want to be original, who love water and adrenalin! You can bring the motosurf on the sea, on the lake, you can ride with or without waves – thanks to the engine.

I think the main difference from the other watersports surfing for example, you depend on the weather and waves but motosurf …it’s just up to you.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to learn motosurfing?

I just need to say it’s absolutely fantastic. My tip: don’t be scared!, put your body on the board and push the button to start the engine and just go go go!!! If you fall, try it again and enjoy the freedom.

Something else to add?

I have met a lot of people from motosurf and I think they are crazy, happy and funny people. Always there if you need help and explain you everything that you need to know. They are a little familly, and great support.

Thanks for this wonderful experiences and I am looking forward to next ride!