Special agent rider 007 Michal Lostak.

A former Counterstrike Pro Gamer and rafting champion, Michal Lostak hails from Czech Republic and has been gradually gaining attention within the Motosurf GP circuit.  He placed 5th in the recent Slovakia Motosurf GP. He is actually in 3rd place of the 2015 MotosurfGP.  

27 year-old Michal is a familiar face at Jetsurf.  Working as its Sales Manager, Michal is also very involved with marketing, PR and race organization.

Even though it’s only Michal’s 2nd year competing in Motosurf GP, he’s been riding his motosurf for 4 years.  While still a student at the university, Michal was introduced to and started working for the creator of Jetsurf, Martin Sula, 5 years ago.  With a background in programming and water rafting, he quickly rose through the ranks over the next few years.

Michal’s focus during preparations at the Slovakia Motosurf GP perpetuated his performance at each race leading to the finals.  One of the tallest riders in the circuit, Michal’s athleticism is apparent as he carved and leaned with ease at every turn.  He believes that motosurfing will continue to grow and develop, and envisions the sport becoming as popular as Formula One racing in 5 years time.  “It’s a different and unique sport”, Michal affirmed.  When asked to compare motosurfing to riding the Jetski or to surfing, Michal was quick to add that it’s a completely different genre of sport… “It’s our way of doing things.”

Before Motosurf GP, it was known as Jetsurf World Series.  Sharing the view of Jetsurf’s creator, Martin Sula, Michal sees more riders entering the sport.  This will likely bring about board creations from other companies as well.  As a rider, he welcomes more skilled riders.  As a Jetsurf employee, “it is good to welcome competition.”

Michal is happy to be a part of motosurfing.  And we are happy to be a part of Michal’s motosurfing future.

Interview by Warren