The Motosurf GP just started today in Czech Republic and we can already tell you… the level of the riders is higher and higher and it will be hard to bet on who will win this stage.

The leader of the World Motosurf GP, Jakub Kornfeil is still a solid client and he won the qualifications (00’52’206). he used to win with at least one second or two but this time Michal Lostak is right behind him with 00’52’306. Since last week we knew that Michal is a great contender this year and this result confirms his potential!

During the afternoon, they split the riders in different Heats and after they combine all the results.

After amazing fights and races, we have some big surprises after this day 1!

The 14 years old Lukas Zahorski is leading the hord, Jakub is 2nd. Michal Lostak continue to confirm and is placed 3rd. Amazing come back from Ivo Strouhal. The actual World Champion Flavien Neyertz is 5th, Flavien had some technical issues at the beginning of the day.

In 6th position we find Martin Sula and mark my words, Martin doesn’t like to lose and especially in Czech Republic in front of his friends, employes and Family so we should have some epic races tomorrow and Sunday.

the last 4 riders completing the top 10 are: Daniel Zadera, Martin Sonka, Pavel Musil and Jan Vancura.

Day 1 is done but what a day already!