Motosurfnation, the first online magazine exclusively focused on Motosurf, known for its global approach of this exciting discipline and its quest to bring together all members of the motosurf community, is proud to announce the launch of its Shop Online store. Launched on December 12th 2016, Motosurfnation Shop Online has something for everyone and marks a significant milestone in the history of our organisation. 

As a niche media, we do not sell equipment, we rather chose to offer a full range of clothing for men and women (Long and short sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, racerback tanks, dresses, baby one-pieces and much more) as well as accessories with exclusive designs (iphone cases, mugs, tote bags and caps). Our products are organised in six collections only available online, with a selection of limited editions. By shopping on motosurfnation you will not only find inspiration and neat Christmas gift ideas but also contribute to support our efforts to provide in-depth reporting and helpful data to build a stronger and more performent community.

A NEW STORE FOR A STRONG COMMUNITY is a catalyst that, with your help, will give the industry a voice by providing fresh and timely content on products, actors and trends. We want to better define the global regulatory landscape and seek ways to grow the community. Our online shop is the first stage of a comprehensive sponsorship program designed to support the community, meant to meet and understand each and every actor of the industry, learn, investigate, communicate, write, analyse so you can grow your business and/or enjoy your love of this new discipline. 



Wakes on water are comparable to shockwaves. When you make your own waves, you make a lasting impact on the world around you.

The ultra-conceptual tribute towards our brand identity combines the textual metaphors in three complementary directions. The goal was to create one image to represent the complexity of our product. A progressive approach inviting you to take action and aspire to great results: MAKE (action), (ride) WAVE, WAKE (leave your mark). The missing terms from the puzzle are to be completed by each one of our supporters. The word “WAVE” leaves a reflection of the word “MAKE”. Together they form the perfect WAKE.


We present you a series of designs based on the textual version of our Motosurf Nation brand.
The series represent an invitation for our fans to celebrate our brand values together with us. Black, white and orange were chosen to represent the unique approach towards a close sport community.

A variation of products for those who love our brand as much as we do. A perfectly shaped “M” was developed as the center piece of our brand identity. Circularity is the key in reading the symbol: reassembling three board fins. The negative space of the logo was inspired by an actual lighthouse. That symbolize our main purpose: being a pylon – a guiding lighthouse for the motosurf community. Make sure to wear it with proud and dignity. Help us make it a global symbol of the water sports industry.


Original propeller design for the motosurf community.

This one is special for sure! It was built for “les connaisseurs” – for those who know the sport very well because they go to all the events. Carefully drawn waves were chosen to represent a sport full of motion. You can all most see the rotating prop while looking at the design. Our main M is placed in the center of the organic mechanism combing tech industry with water fluidity.


The motosurf Pearl collection was inspired by Japanese wave designs. Only at Motosurf Nation.


The M wave design acts like an alien spaceship making contact with Earth. The design brings poetry for those who feel geek enough to care about motorized water sports. By creating a reflection onto the surface of the water it brings light to the community. Hurry up this on is Limited edition!


A snapshot representation of a rider – rising into the pole position of a race.
You wear it because you ride waves and felt the thrill and excitement of being one with the elements. The design was conceived to take our fans closer to the place of the real action.