This 14 year-old is one of the fastest riders in the Motosurf GP circuit.

Lukas is not the typical rider you tend to meet at these Motosurf GP races. He’s soft spoken, humble and full of heart. Do no let his innocent beaming smile fool you. This 14 year-old is one of the fastest riders in the Motosurf GP circuit. After a grueling series of qualifiers and entering into the finals, Lukas eventually placed 3rd in the Slovakia Motosurf GP, right behind Kornfail and Neyertz… two very seasoned and prominent riders in these events.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Lukas has been riding Jetsurf since he was 9 years old. While this is only his 4th year in racing, he has been capturing the attention of riders across the world with his speed and steady composure. He was never exposed to motor sports and was very much an avid skier. “I’m not good at skiing” Lukas admits, but he did find a natural affinity to motosurfing and soon became almost second nature. Lukas can now be seen busy with riding his Jetsurf boards during the summer and skiing during the winter.

Lukas envisions motosurfing to become a lot better 5 years from now. When he started 5 years ago, the sport and its equipment was slow. The current technology has improved tremendously and race format has become a lot faster and so much more fun. He believes the motosurf will continue its current growth track and become even much better in the future as more riders pick up the sport.

This teenager wants to the World #1, chuckling while he said that. He is content if he places in the top 10. More youth riders are entering into motosurf, and he sees more competition coming about. One such serious competitor is another teenage, Sebastian, from Slovakia. He praises Sebastian’s riding skills and sees him as a strong competitor.

Continue to watch this kid… and so should the rest of the elite riders in the circuit.