Icebreaking in Norway Radinn

“Standing on a board is self-medicating, It’s like bringing your doctor on a holiday”

A few weeks ago Alexander Lind — Co-founder and CEO of Radinn — and his team grabbed a few boards and drove to Norway to shoot this beautiful video among a breathtaking scenery and -9°C 

It is so smooth … and then completely silent, all you can hear is yourself breathing


Radinn have been increasing their manufacturing capacity by employing six new assembly workers. They have increased to 10 assembly stations in total in order to achieve the delivery for this upcoming season and the ever-increasing incoming orders. “We are very happy about the great enthusiasm for our product and the referral orders we have seen coming in. Naturally, the price point is significantly limiting the market – but we’re keen to focus on ensuring quality and performance of our products prior to selling a huge amounts of boards… We have during this quarter also increased our team with two new positions of full-time engineers to our R&D department.”


Based in South of France; graduated with a master degree in sports management; also studied marketing and business communications at Wollongong University, Australia ... a few years ago 🙂 Enjoy (playing and watching) all kind of sports and currently in charge of marketing and PR for MSN. Favorite things in life? Friends, Family, Travel, Sports, Tasty Food and Motosurf Nation of course!