Wakejet Cruise Video User’s Guide Radinn

This is a quickstart video/visual guide on how to prepare, operate and maintain your Wakejet Cruise.


Before getting ready to ride, make sure you always have full battery charge.

  • – Charge the power pack. Make sure you never connect/disconnect the power pack to/from the charger while turned on. A loud beep will let you know when the power pack is fully charged.
  • – Charge the remote until the charge light turns off
  • – Bring the magnetic key
  • – Bring a small screw driver
  • – Bring the inductive charger included in the remote casing


  • – The power pack should be transported separately from the board and have its plastic protective cap on. Always connect it when you are ready to ride.
  • – Transport and store the board with the power pack compartment opened. The hatch should be secured but not completely locked to ensure water proofing.
  • – Transport the remote in its casing.


  • – Never sit, stand or put too much weight on the Wakejet when not in the water.
  • – To open the hatch, push down on each of the pins while twisting counter clockwise.
  • – Place the rear of the power pack in the power compartment first, aligning the board connector metal bars with the pack.
  • – Gently push the power pack into place by placing one hand at the rear and the other hand on the connector. Secure the connector’s latch and listen for a clicking sound indicating that the power is ON.
  • – Ensure that each of the 9 pins is fully locked. Turn counter clockwise with a little pressure until you find the gap, then push and turn clockwise until you hear a click. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP – DOUBLE CHECK
  • – To pair the remote with the board, push down on the throttle completely until 5 lights are flashing. Release and place the remote on the antenna cover on the front of the board. Full pairing should take 15 seconds.
  • – If pairing fails, disconnect the power pack, place the remote on the charge (it will reset) and start the previous steps again.
  • – A steady lighting on the remote will confirm that the pairing was successful.
  • – 5 lights: full charge, four lights: 80% charged, etc. The remote will flash its bottom light and vibrate when it is almost out of battery.
  • – Place the magnetic key on the board. The remote will flash with five lights and vibrate once to confirm that the magnetic key is positioned properly. The key is required to operate the Wakejet.
  • – Always remove the key when placing the board in the water and only place it back when ready to ride.
  • Wear a helmet and a personal floating device when operating the Wakejet.
  • Secure the magnetic key around your ankle and the remote around your wrist as those items do not float.


  • Rinse the board and its internal cooling system with fresh water. To rinse the cooling system, connect the water to the quick-connector hose in the rear and squeeze until you have water coming out of the jet.

For more information, please refer to the official Radinn User Manual.