Regione Puglia GP of Italy

Porto Turistico di Rodi Garganico has been host of powerboating off-shore races for several decades. The wonderful setup in the Puglia Region will host the MotoSurf World Championship for the first time in its history. 

About MotoSurf WorldCup

MotoSurf is the fastest growing, most affordable and safest water sport in the world

MotoSurf racing was established in the Czech Republic back in 2012. In its quite short history, the MotoSurf racing has spread all over the world. Since 2019, the sport has been officially recognized by the UIM (Union International Motonautique) – recognized by IOC (International Olympic Committee) since 2010. 

MotoSurf official championships are organized under the UIM structures with official rule books approved at the annual UIM General Assembly by the UIM MotoSurf Committee. All the UIM MotoSurf championships are designed as open championships in terms of motorized surfboards manufacturers plurality as well as wide range of categories to encourage men, women, youth and electric powered boards sportsmen to join the action.