“Each trip I had to be near the beach, I need the clean ocean water to refresh the mind and relax the body, but I knew deep inside my soul the beauty in Asian beaches was missing those pounding waves …

and the adrenaline experienced in catching those waves back in my hometown in Australia. I then looked around and noticed that most places in Asia are heavily populated by vacationers from all around the world, the beaches are packed with young and old enjoying the sand and water, but then I thought to myself how could I bring the action, speed, and skill that surfing encompasses and create a board and system that will be affordable and accessible for all levels of people to enjoy in water sources that do not have waves…” Dean Jarrett – CEO – Gold Coast Australia

Feeling a bit bored after a while riding your board? You may say Goodbye to monotony soon with Torque Jet Tracks. These ingenious flotation buoys placed on the water (Jet Track System™), are used to optimize the fun and add a competitive edge to the sport. They come implanted with a GPS system that serves a multitude of functions.


One such function is the ability to record your lap times around the track. Your fastest speed, average speed, and your riding skills can all be uploaded onto our free app where you can then open the “World Leader Board” page and view your “World Ranking”. So now anywhere you go, you can engage with like-minded Jet Boarders, compete with peers, and build your own personal skill level! We have truly created a sport that is fun and affordable for everyone.

Torque developers have manufactured buoys that will be positioned in the water to outline a racetrack. The buoys and the boards are GPS implanted with the most advanced GPS technology that is accurate to within a metre.

The racetrack layout can be strategically changed by using the app and the GPS system. This will save the locations of the buoys and will allow the length/distance of the racetrack to be regulated through the app. Each Torque racetracks location will be kept equidistant from buoy to buoy and the overall length of a complete lap will be universal.


Torque flotation buoys are not only built to bring fun and adrenaline, but also the pressure and attraction of competition. Riders will be able to speed around the Jet Tracks and after each lap they will be given a lap time. The lap time will be displayed on the Torque Application (APP).

The rider will also be checked if they complete the course without taking shortcuts. If the rider finishes the track completely, their time will be uploaded to the JT World Leaderboard. If the rider is a Torque VIP Club member then they will be eligible for monthly prizes. Prizes packages can include Torque equipment, Torque Mongrel Boards, and trips to beautiful Torque locations throughout the world. If you are not a member, the lap time will be shown on the JT World Leader Board for 24 hours only.

Torque racetracks will be available in many locations throughout the world as we develop agencies in different countries. The app, together with our GPS/GPIS system, will allow us to operate monthly contests and competitions with award prizes such as free trips to Torque’s base sites in Bali, Dubai, or Thailand. In the near future Torque is foreseeing the opportunity for riders to compete in world Jet Board events– even if they have to compete against the petrol powered boards… 

You will be able to test your own skills against other riders in many different countries. Each rider will have their own board number and signal system that will be displayed on the app. After each lap, you can view your performance (lap speed, maximum speed) compared to other riders throughout the world. 

The Jet Track system coupled with the app and GPS make jetboarding a versatile sport for everyone.


The Torque GPS/GPIS system is a function that can be utilised by all Torque Agents/Distributors or Dealers. Each board can be monitored for health checks, and also can pinpoint the location of each and every board through the APP, giving peace of mind to the Agent.